Kawasaki 400 S3A Restoration Project

So it’s another Bank Holiday (August 2013) and the z500 is complete apart from the clocks, which are painted and just need a slight rub down and final coat of paint. The DT175 is still waiting for the engine to come back…..so what do you do… I know lets start on the KH400 restoration…or so I thought…..

After learning some valuable lessons from the z500 and DT175 build, I decided to research the bike and make sure I understood the details of the bike and make sure when I search for parts I am looking for the right stuff.

So it turns out that I have a Kawasaki 400 S3A…the final bike before the launch of the KH400!

I have researched the colours and matched them against frame and engine numbers and I can go for a Candy Super Red or Candy Green.


I think green it will have to be…..

So with the help of my daughter Amy and some of the young neighbours I stripped the 400 and sorted into boxes.. see the stripdown page for details and photo’s.

More to follow……