Rebuild of the z1r

So we start off with all of the powder coating coming back from the boys at Redditch ShotBlasting and Powder Coating, another brilliant job…

img_1869 img_1875 img_1874dscf4552dscf4562dscf4565dscf4560dscf4563dscf4566dscf4559

I also got the forks back from Philpotts, another great job…..


I also had the switches refurbished by a guy from VJMC…Another great job…


Had a couple of bits that needed replacing and decided to fire the lathe up, it had been a while…

img_1854 img_1857

Then it was onto cleaning up all of the bits as i go…

img_1850 img_1851

Started adding bits to the frame as I sorted them out… Plan will be to build all of the bike, apart from the engine, make sure its all good, the strip, fit the engine and rebuild..

dscf4568 dscf4569dscf4573dscf4572dscf4576dscf4630dscf4633dscf4636dscf4631dscf4634dscf4637dscf4632dscf4635dscf4638

Decided to strip down the Harris exhaust system I had acquired…. Someone had been in there with a Hacksaw…Notice the missing baffle!!

dscf4641 dscf4652 dscf4644 dscf4639dscf4648dscf4655dscf4653 dscf4647 dscf4650  dscf4656 dscf4640    dscf4657

Had to improvise a little with some of the clock wiring as one of the many previous owners had been in there with the the wire cutters.

img_1901 img_1902 img_1904 img_1903

Got the rear shock bodies back from the powder coaters, so decided to clean up some of the parts and loosely assemble them, think they will look great when I get them complete.

img_1905  img_1907img_1908 img_1910  img_1912img_1911

Got all of the paintwork back from Flakey Dave. Another great job.


Started out with a set of black wheels, but wanted to powder coat them…


Went for Silver powder coat, think it looks great.


Set the wheels in the bike to see what they look like. Very happy.


Got the front mudguard on…Paintwork looks great..


Side and Main stand fitted.