S3A Restoration Project – The Rebuild

So I have been really lax in adding pictures of the rebuild…But its going well.

Frame was shotblasted and powder coated by Redditch Shot Blasting, another great job.


Dream Machine did a full strip and paint of all the bodywork and AC Howells did all the chroming.



Had the engine completely rebuilt by Gary at www.classicandmodernbikes.com.

I allowed one major over indulgence! I had the spindles and engines mounting bolts all made in Titanium….ouch that was expensive, but they look great. Pete did a great job at www.ti64.co.uk


Left hand pot had a buggered thread so had to remove the head and get it welded and the tapped to take a new bolt.


Managed to get my hands on a few new NOS parts from around the globe along with some pattern parts……..


So after all of this I started to put the bike back together!


Over the Christmas 2013 break I stripped and ultrasonically cleaned the carbs.

Once that was done I started to polish them up…Didn’t come up too bad….


The carb bodies need a bit more work…

Got some of the chrome work on the back end and also the tail-piece.


This rebuild is becoming very confusing…..The frame & engine number tell me that its a 1975 S3A…However, its got KH400 badges, instead of just 400 badges and its got a 1976 KH400 front wheel. It also didn’t help that the previous owner had rebuilt the front end back to front. He had the front brake disc & calliper on the right hand side when it should be on the left.

This is my most difficult jigsaw to date, but I am getting there slowly!

I wonder what’s in these???

DSCF4472 DSCF4474 DSCF4476

Unpacked and checked…They look great…

DSCF4480 DSCF4482

Fitted and they look even better..

DSCF4484 DSCF4486 DSCF4487 DSCF4489

Having some fun with the front caliper, disc and alignment….Not sure i have all the right bits here…

DSCF4490   DSCF4493