z500 Restoration Project – The Rebuild — Part 3

Been busy sourcing a few more bits for the bike.

Had a major issue trying to get handlebars.

Ordered a set from a supplier but when they arrived they were the wrong size.

When I checked the supplied handlebars were 25mm and I needed 22mm.

Supplier was brilliant and they were exchanged straight away.

So now I have the correct bars fitted….

Ordered some Hagon shocks at the Stafford Bike show. They turned up a few days later, fitted and they look great.

Cleaned and re-fitted the rear master cylinder.

So after a break of a few months I managed to get the engine back from OZ at Zedparts and it looks great and also got the wheels powder coated.

Final few pics of the rebuild from December 2012 and January 2013.