z500 Restoration Project

My biking life started with a White KH250 followed by a RED z500 and many more have followed!

I have a KH250 in crates, which will be the next build after this one. I always loved the z500 as in its day it handled so well. Stories of ripping your best friends footwear (Andy Bright) to pieces spring to mind!

I did my very first biking holiday on the z500 and yes got a little over excited and came off as I over cooked it on a big left hander. No real damage other than bent handlebars and a very dented ego.

So there I was on afternoon at a IT conference in Las Vegas (very bored) and I started to search ebay for something to do.

I came across the RED z500 and watched the auction for a while and then thought what the hell and placed a bid. I purchased the bike tax’d, mot’d and running very well for the princely sum of £800 from Michael in Nottingham.

During an email exchange with the Michael I discovered his brother had a BLACK z500 for sale and I ended up buying that for £300 as possible project or spares for the rebuild of the RED z500. This one was not running and was extremely tatty to say the least.

So here we go, this is the start of what is most likely going to be an interesting project, when I will get lots of grief for spending too much time in the garage and way too much time on ebay…

Time to get the spanners out…