Kawasaki z750 – Black

After the CB750 rebuild I did a Kawasaki z750, again this was another basket rebuild.

I think I purchased the bike from somewhere in Redditch as a Frame, Wheels, Engine & Three crates of bits.

I have some photo’s of the rebuild but cannot find one of the completed bike…There are even some old Polaroid snaps!

I did a check on the DVLA website for the bike details and it shows:

  • Date of Liability                         01 11 1992
  • Date of First Registration          31 03 1981
  • Year of Manufacture                 1981
  • Cylinder Capacity (cc)              738cc
  • CO2 Emissions                        Not Available
  • Fuel Type                                 PETROL
  • Export Marker                          N
  • Vehicle Status                          Unlicensed
  • Vehicle Colour                          BLACK

And yes I did powder-coat the frame a shocking purple, looked great with the Black paint job!