DT175 Restoration Project – The Rebuild

So as the z500 is off to Oz at Zedparts to get checked out and the engine started, I have embarked upon the rebuild of the DT175.

So I have sorted all of the parts and started cleaning them up with some elbow grease, the parts washer, ultrasonic cleaner and good old fashioned WD40..

Here’s the frame sat on the bench ready for a good clean.

Decided on doing a dry build before getting the frame sorted so cleaned, painted and dry built the majority of the bike.

 P1010985 P1010984 P1010929 P1010921 P1010925 P1010967P1010965

P1010964 P1010963 P1010968

Striped the engine down for a good check over before it goes to Oz at Zedparts for final checks and rebuild.

P1010930 P1010933 P1010932 P1010931

P1010938 P1010937 P1010936 P1010935

P1010934 P1010983 P1010986 P1010987

P1010982 P1010981 P1010980 P1010979

P1010961 P1010960 P1010959 P1010958

Having got the engine apart and started checking it all out realised the barrels had been previously butchered. The exhaust studs were shot….have a guess what? Sorted a new set of barrels from eBay :).

P1010957 P1010956 P1010949 P1010948

P1010947 P1010946 P1010945 P1010944

P1010943 P1010939

Started to sort the bodywork and realised the tank is knackered, full of fiberglass and leaks. Sourced one from eBay USA and all sent to Flakey Dave for painting (flakeycustompaint.blogspot.com)

Also sourced a new front mudguard…..Old Tank & New Mudguard below.

P1010928 P1010927 P1010926

Striped the seat, cleaned and ordered a new cover off eBay…This is what I started with:

P1020096 P1020097 P1020098

Some cleaning, painting and stainless bolts…just need the seat cover…..

Got the seat cover of eBay and got it all in position, glued and stapled.

Not my best work, but will do for the moment.

Stripped the wheels oh the joy!

P1010972 P1010971 P1010973 P1010975

P1010974 P1010976 P1010969

The rear hub was shot to bits, but managed to find a NOS one from NW Vintage parts in the USA. Stripped the front down, cleaned and painted and the wheels will be going to Central Wheels for a rebuild.

The forks don’t look too bad……will use asis to start and then strip and refurb later.


Clocks have been stripped cleaned and re-assembled.

Various bits of chrome gone to AC Howells for chroming..

So the dry build is complete so stripped the bike ready to go off to Redditch Shot Blasting….

P1020102 P1020101 P1020100  P1020099

Stripped and ready to go!

P1020103 P1020104

Next the best part…putting it all back together!