GPz 750 Turbo

Ended up with this monster after being convinced to own one by two very good friends Jeff Smith and Wayne Jennings who also had them.

So we ended up with a trio of 750 Turbos.

Vehicle Details from DVLA for C312 CTT are:

  • Date of Liability                    06 06 2007
  • Date of First Registration   31 08 1985
  • Year of Manufacture            1985
  • Cylinder Capacity (cc)         738cc
  • CO2 Emissions                     Not Available
  • Fuel Type                               PETROL
  • Export Marker                      N
  • Vehicle Status                       Unlicensed
  • Vehicle Colour                      BLACK

Pulling wheelies outside the old house on Tame Road with Wayne Jennings.

In the back garden of Tame Road with my now retro Sambas and UK Subs T-Shirt…Still ware Samba’s and the T-Sheet is framed and on the wall in the office!

Me and Andy Turner outside Andy’s house in Brisbane Road.

Went on a trip to Blackpool with Wayne and Jeff and met up with some young ladies that I was working with at the time….Fun times.

Found this image as I was trawling the web and liked it so copied here!