Triumph Tigress – The Rebuild

Got the powder coating back from Redditch Shotblasting, another great job.


Just need to find some time to start putting it all back together!

Also degreased and jet washed the engine, started to come up nice and clean, but more work to do.

So what little time I did spend in the garage during the summer of 2017 resulted in some progress on the Triumph.

Got all of the paintwork back from Flakey Dave Addis, another great job.

Dont tell my Daughter (Zoe) that we use her bed as storage space when she is away 🙂

Started by getting the engine back in the frame.

Then got the floor pan on and the first bit of bodywork fitted.


If all goes to plan will get this finished off very quickly once all of the chrome work comes back from AC Howells.