z500 Restoration Project – The Rebuild — Part 2

Been busy tucked away in the garage for the last few weeks and the rebuild is coming along nicely.

Had a few challenges, with the wrong parts being on the bike. Added a micro-fiche reader and hundreds of fiches for all types of Japanese bikes to help find the correct parts.

I have sourced parts from all over the world, USA, Australia, Germany and many from the UK.

Will add a few photos over the next few days of the latest stage of the project.

Seat Renovation

Stripped the seat and had it refurbished by Leighton’s in Birmingham. See for yourself the quality of their work.

Staring point….

The finished article.

Leighton’s website is: http://www.rk-leighton.co.uk/index.html

Various pictures of stuff that I have done over the last few weeks.

Amy helping me get the bodywork onĀ  the bike along with the new tank badges. Starting to come together. She then took a picture of me with all the bodywork on.

Easter Holiday Update…

Done loads over the weekend.

Painted the calipers

Stripped and painted the forks…

Painted the front master cylinder.

re-fitted the headlight and front forks

Painted the rear wheel cush drive.

Halfords mixed the paint into a spray can, Kawasaki Firecracker Red.