z1000 – S5

So after many months of waiting the S5 has finally arrived.

I am waiting for all of the build pictures from Tim & Kevin at Spirit of the Seventies.

These are the renders Tim & Kevin created….

Some pictures of the old bike before the boys got to work on her!

spiritz_large3 spiritz_large2 spiritz_large1 spiritz_detail3 spiritz_detail2 spiritz_detail1

These are some pictures that Tim & Kevin took of the finished bike…or so they thought…….More on that later 😉

Spirit-5-RS-FA Spirit-5-L-Sidepanel Spirit-5-grips Spirit-5-Combo-3 Spirit-5-Combo-2 Spirit-5-clocks-2

Took the first set of pictures below when the beauty arrived on Saturday.

s510 s51 s512 s514 s513 s516 s515 s53 s54 s56 s59 s57 s58

Cannot wait for the weather to warm up a bit and the salt to clear off the roads and we will have a good run to see what it goes like.

Popped the bike on the ramp and had a good look around taking off some of the casings and covers…..and lots of close up pic’s…….