My Life In Bikes

This website will be dedicated to all of the motorbikes I have ever owned and the many stories that go along with them.

I started this website in Jan 2012 and will be adding to it whenever I get a spare minute.

My biking life started in 1980 with a White KH250 purchased from Ada Deeming. I needed a bike to get to work as a trainee computer operator at GKN in Smethwick, so I went from public transport and walking to 100mph with less than an hour’s worth of training. I just slapped on the ā€œLā€ plates and my biking life started.

Since then I have had many bikes, the majority of which have been Kawasaki’s. I will look to add a page for each one of them and pictures, where I have them. The list goes something like this:

  • Kawasaki KH250
  • Kawasaki z500
  • Honda CB900
  • Kawasaki GPz750
  • Honda 400/4
  • Honda CB750 K2
  • Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo
  • Kawasaki zzr100 x 3
  • Kawasaki zrx1100
  • Kawasaki zrx1200
  • Kawasaki z1000
  • Kawasaki zzr1400
  • Kawasaki zzr1400 Performance Sport
  • Kawasaki z900 (2018) in Orange/Brown

My current ride is a zz1r1400 performance sport and the V reg z500 that I have restored.

I also have a number of other restoration projects on the go at the moment.

One of the young lads at work borrowed the bike as his was off the road for a couple of days… I think it made an impression….See a video of the bike on the road…

So just how many bikes do I have šŸ™‚

  1. Kawasaki z500 — See above
  2. Kawasaki z500; known as the black one….In bits and awaiting restoration
  3. Kawasaki KH400 — On the workbench and coming along
  4. Kawasaki KH250 — In Boxes
  5. Yamaha DT 175 — Complete, needs to be registered and then MOTd
  6. GPz900r — In the lockup in the queue to get restored
  7. Honda CD175 — Complete bike needs a rebuild….that’s for later
  8. Kawasaki Z1r — A real nail and an impulsive eBay purchase, going to do this as if it were 1980, Harris Exhaust, Koni Shocks (if I can get them) and lots of stainless steel and chrome šŸ™‚
  9. Oct 2016..Added a Hardtail Chopper project to the collection…..
  10. Summer 2017 zzr1400 Performance Sport
  • BSA Tracker; number 1– In Boxes (Sold)
  • BSA Tracker; number two — in boxes (Sold)
  • Kawasaki z650, yet another impulsive buy from Oz and Deb at Zedparts..another one to restore…Update sold this to one of the young lads at work (Sold)
  • GPz1100b1, I restored this as an Eddie Lawson Replica, see restoration pages for details… (Sold)
  • Had a 2018 z900 in Orange/Brown…Didn’t get any use of it and sold it via Cradley Kawasaki